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What Is SEO? The Magic of Link Building! Search Engine Optimization in 2021

Everyone is questioning the transformation happening around the globe. Everyone is talking about the new world order, digitalized lifestyles, and more. But what does it mean? How will it affect our futures and our daily lives?

What’s the role of SEO?

Digitalizing your world is going to be the first step into this virtual world. It might sound virtual but it is real. Do you think your plumbing business, real estate agency, pizza shop, or any other kind of local business is ready to roll and keep up with the technology? In SEO we trust!

First things first, we need to start asking ourselves one simple question: What is SEO? It is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.

SEO can sound pretty confusing for those who have heard this term for the first time in their lives. It is one of the must-have tools for digital marketing. SEO is a method of raising the Google search rankings of a website. When properly applied, it is a surefire way to improve your website’s organic traffic. Imagine finding your website on the very first page of search engines rather than 30 pages deep.

Have you ever had a shower of thoughts? Asking yourself questions, even the weirdest ones, while doing something different without knowing the correct answer? The only thing that you have to do to reach the information is to google it! Before the internet, it was hard for people to reach any kind of information. However, even after the introduction of the internet and search engines into our lives, there is a more powerful thing that came has taken a commanding position in our lives thanks to SEO.

On social media platforms, or during a daily chat, not only the teenagers but also the adults have started using abbreviations like IDK. Go ahead and Google it! When this happens… like when a person needs a plumber for a broken faucet, wants to buy their dream house, or is starving for a pizza, they just google their need right away and get rewarded with the search result, and hopefully some actionable knowledge.

It is this sweet spot, so to say, that moment when a person is in need or wants something in which Search Engine Optimization will help you be more visible and easier to find. SEO will help you and your company get in front of the eyeballs of the prospects who are in need or have an itch for your products or services. Don’t we all need more qualified leads ready to listen and be convinced? This is what SEO is…

Praxis Conversion is a brand-new digital marketing agency with a team of experienced digital nomads. We are the bridge between traditional and modern ways of marketing your business. If you are reading this, it means we did a great job. That is a great start that motivates us to work with you, and we are ready to get your business on the right track of the new era!

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