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Why do I need digital marketing for my small business?

Having a website is not enough these days. The internet has become one of the most competitive spaces and everyone is competing with the mass amounts of traffic and users online. While a website is extremely important and serves as the foundation for your online marketing presence, promotion of your website via other digital marketing channels is also important to set your business apart and give you every opportunity to attract a new visitor, which will hopefully turn into a customer.

How do I know how much to spend on my company’s digital marketing efforts?

Nowadays, general marketing expenditures are recommended to be around 10-20% of overall revenue, but there is not an exact answer. One of the most important numbers is determining what the return-on-investment is of any marketing investment. The only wrong amount to spend on digital marketing efforts is $0. Doing something is much better than doing nothing at all.

How do I get my business started with Praxis Conversion?

In order to get started you have a few different options:

  1. Email us at
  2. Submit a form on our website on our Contact Us
  3. Call us at +1 (704) 269-4199

What is the general cost for developing a business website?

Each and every business website is completely different. Websites will fall anywhere in the range of $600 to $5.000 depending on the complexity of the project.

Do I own my business website once it is completed?

Yes. You own everything we design and develop. Don’t trust web developers that make you pay a monthly fee for the design and then threaten you to shut down your website if you stop paying. We have recurring payment options only for hosting and maintenance services.

What’s the benefit of having a SEO strategy?

Earning SEO rankings do not happen overnight because there are many other competitors that are either better positioned or have been putting in SEO efforts for a longer period of time. But, once your website starts to see increased rankings then it is really like a chain-effect. Traffic will increase more and more as we place you higher in search rankings and things will start to grow exponentially month-over-month as we continue to add more and more relevant content and information that leads back to your website.

How about local SEO then?

Local SEO is the key especially for small businesses. We will help you create consistent, fast-loading, properly marked-up landing pages for your business’s locations, professionals, or events to improve your presence across search, maps, and voice assistants. We will put you in control of the facts about your business across 150+ digital services globally.

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