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Reasons Why You Need A Blog On Your Website (And In Your Life)

Reasons Why You Need A Blog On Your Website (And In Your Life)

Reasons Why You Need A Blog On Your Website (And In Your Life)

Praxis Conversion
Praxis Conversion

Do you believe in love at first sight? Or you prefer to know each other step by step? Well, whatever you do, you end up with getting interact with someone or something. This may be a person, a tech product, or a fancy dress. Your business deserves more than this. Getting in touch with your customers is now easier than ever. The only thing that you need to do is writing blog posts.

I also read the other day that people who have a blog on their website have more traffic on their website than those who don’t. This is the reason why I want to explain to you why you need a blog on your website. If you have a blog on your website, it will earn you more money. It is not a secret that a blog has a direct correlation with traffic. The more traffic, the more money you will earn. If you don’t have a blog or you don’t know how to start a blog, you can choose to hire someone to help you with the blog.

Why You Need A Blog On Your Website?

Because you need one to make money online. If you don’t have a blog on your site, you’re missing out on a great deal of potential profits. Here are some reasons why a blog is so important:

1. Your blog increases your site’s search engine rankings.

2. Your blog can attract new people to your site.

3. Your blog can keep your existing customers coming back.

4. Your blog can increase your site’s revenue.

5. Your blog can help you sell more of your products and services.

Blogs have been a part of the internet from the beginning. But how exactly is a blog considered as the heart of your website? And why you need one of them on your website? Here are the best reasons you should start blogging:

Contact us If you need a blog.
Building a website with Praxis Conversion is super-easy and quick.

Make your first move against your potential customers.

Yes, you may have accounts on all social media platforms and maybe even an ad campaign running. However, if you cannot do your SEO properly, and do not post any single content for your website, that means you will be on the 100th page in a Google search, which is not good. Creating and posting content at least twice a week will put you on the very first page in a Google search if enough SEO work is done for your website.

Local SEO will allow your business to be seen as a number one option among those who do not do what you do. It’s a perfect way to communicate with your customers. If you do not have any experience with content creating stuff, we know someone who may help you with it. Click here to send us a message.

It’s not rocket science, but boosting your SEO to the space is not bad.

As we have mentioned above, the more customer will reach your website, the more traffic you get to your website. We call it “organic customers”. You also want your food organic, why not your customers?

Imagine your content having thousands of likes

That makes you a proud writer. If you create good content related to your business, you will be on their radar. They will spend more and more time while navigating through your website. Sharing is caring, especially on social media. People are keen on sharing things they like on their social media profiles. This will allow you to be known more and attract more customers. 

Praxis Conversion
Praxis Conversion

Writing is fun! Try it.

Once you post your first articles, you are going to feel like no matter what you are selling; you have a new hobby. Even if you are at home or work, traveling around the world on a train or a plane, stopping by at your favorite café to take a sip out of your latte, you can write anything. This will make you happier, more relaxed, and feel grateful.

Praxis Conversion is a brand-new digital marketing agency with a team of experienced digital nomads. We are the bridge between traditional and modern ways of marketing your business. If you are reading this, it means we did a magnificent job. And If you need a blog, that’s much better. That is a brilliant start to make us motivated to work with you, and we are ready to get your business back on the right track again!

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