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How To Research Keywords For SEO? Best Keyword Finder Tools in 2021

How To Research Keywords For SEO? Best Keyword Finder Tools in 2021

When researching keywords for SEO, you might need to use a variety of keyword tools to get the best results. The most common tools include Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, Google Trends, Google Suggest, Google Auto-complete. These keyword finder tools can help you uncover long-tail keywords that your competition might not be targeting. If you want to learn more about how to research keywords, you are at the right spot.

The first step in SEO is to find keywords to use on your site. This will be important for your SEO. There are many strategies to find keywords. You can use these strategies with any type of content. One of the best ways to find keywords is to use keyword research tools below. These keyword finder tools will help you find search engine traffic for a specific set of keywords. Keyword research is not a one-time task.

Research Keyword
SEO tools are key for the growth of your business

While knowing the keywords that are likely to be searched for is helpful, it is also important to know how to find keywords that are specific to your site. To do so, you can try a keyword suggestion tool such as Ahrefs, Semrush or Moz. That’s the beginning of your research keyword journey.

Ahrefs is not free-to use and it gives you the ultimate control over your keyword finding process. However, Ahrefs has a free version called Webmaster Tools. You only need to verify the ownership of your website to use this amazing tool. You get some monthly credits to use their services.

Here some useful tools you can use on Ahrefs:

Site Explorer helps you find everything from what sites to link your website, to exploring any kind of website.

  • Organic Traffic Tool on Ahrefs
  • Paid Traffic Tool on Ahrefs
  • Backlink Profile on Ahrefs

Keyword Explorer will be in your team to explore relevant keywords for your business and target audience.

  • Report Page on Ahrefs
  • Keyword Idea List on Ahrefs

Site Audit helps you run an audit on a website. A website audit is important to know all the details about a page from bottom to top.

Semrush works similiar to the keyword finder tools we mentioned above. There are both free and paid versions of Semrush. On a free account, you can still reach most of their tools, however there will be a limit to pull the full data and use other tools. Semrush is one of the most effective keyword finder tools around. The tools that you can use on Semrush are:

Keyword Research, On-Page SEO, Competitor Analysis, Content Marketing and more. You will be in charge of the keyword kingdom and rule them all. With their Content Marketing service, no more wasting time on thinking about what to write about. Competitor Analysis also helps you make a deep analysis of what your competitors doing and gives you the opportunity to act fast & accordingly.

  • Site Audit with Semrush
  • Organic Research with Semrush
  • Keyword Overview on Semrush
  • Content Ideas on Semrush

Moz, formerly known as SEOMoz, is one of the oldest and the most well-known platform out there. If you register for the free version, free access to a Medium plan will be active.

On the Medium plan you can set up to 10 Campaigns and also get access to Moz research tools, including Keyword Explorer, Link Explorer, Checking Online Presence and SEO Metrics.

  • Keyword Explorer on Moz
  • Moz Pro Campaigns
  • SEO Analysis on Moz

As you can see, there are top 3 keyword finder tools we can discuss. Of course, there would be tons of other platforms that you can proceed your keyword research. But these 3 will always be on the list. If we want to compare them, we can start by looking at their prices and simpleness.

  • Ahrefs might be the easiest one to use among others. Ahrefs’ base plan starts from $99 per month and the most expensive plan is $999 per month.
  • Semrush offers a great flexibility and more features. Semrush’s base plan starts from $119 per month and the most expensive plan is $449 per month.
  • Moz is simply oldest but might be the goldest. It provides professional SEO service and a chance to make a specific analysis on websites. Moz’s base plan starts from $99 per month and the most expensive plan is $599 per month.

Other than those platforms we discussed above, Google AdWords Keyword Tool is also a good place to start your research keyword process, as it allows you to input a keyword and see how many searches each month it generates on Google. Google Suggest, Google Autocomplete, and curated lists can help you find keywords that are related to your business and not popular search terms.

Google AdWords is a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising service that enables advertisers to show ads to people who are using Google. The service offers advertisers many ways to show their ads, including on Google’s search results pages, on other companies’ websites, and on their own sites. Advertisers pay only when someone clicks on the ad. There are four different ads: text, links, images, and videos.

Google Adwords
Google AdWords with Praxis Conversion

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